Great Exposure = Great Drone Shots Every Time!


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  1. Thanks for this very interesting. If I am using manual settings on my Mavic 2 Zoom to film on overcast days, and I bring up the histogram what camera settings do I then need to adjust to correct the colours and make sure they are either not too dark or too light? Is it purely exposure that I need to adjust?

    So far I have been exclusively filming in 4K 30 frames per second with 1/60 shutter speed. I will drop this down to 24 frames per second 1/48 shutter speed.

    Please look at this video below – overcast day. Obviously the footage is over exposed. Would love to know what I would have needed to change before flying to get it right.

  2. Just a quick question. The titles you use at the start where the white bordered box appears with Drone Film Guide. Does this come with FCPX?, Did you create it?, or is it an 3rd party add on?. Great videos. Really a help

  3. So to reduce glare on a bright, hazy day or looking into an intense sunset, rather than use an ND filter (as if they were sunglasses) it's better to use other settings such as increasing ISO or shutter speed? This is assuming very little motion in the shot. Great tip on the Histogram, so reducing exposure using the Histogram would be lowering the ISO?

  4. Thankk you for this lesson, I am new to drone photography, and it is frrustrating in the sunshine to determine the correct exposure, I will definately practice using the histogram to help me out.


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