Great affordable Dash Camera – Xiaomi 70mai Review – English Version


The review of the 70mai Dash Camera & Sample Recordings. Find it on Amazon: or Aliexpress: or Gearbest: …


  1. Product description says emergency recording
    What is that mean ?
    Does it start recording even without voice command if yes how does it know such emergency situation? Did I understand it wrongly?

  2. Hi nice review do you know if this can be used by all my family members like 1 car 3 drivers not always traveling together.if i connect it with my mobile ..what happens if my brother is using the car and i am not with him so as my cell phone so how would he be able to see footage incase he needs to see it review shows how to connect 2 mobile phone with 1 camera ..please help.. thank you greetings from India.


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