GPX Sky Rider Night Hawk Hexacopter Drone with Wi-Fi Camera REVIEW


GPX Night Hawk Hexacopter Drone Review Today we review the new Sky Rider GPC Night Hawk Hexacopter Drone. The Sky Rider NightHawk Hexacopter Drone Sells for $79 –


  1. I have one of these. It keeps falling out of the sky for some reason. Props just stop, and it falls.
    I busted it on it's last flight. I think I will box it up, and take it back for a refund.

  2. I can't get the camera to stream to my phone. My phone says it's connected to the drone's wi-fi, but if you click "Play" it just shows the generic background with the airplane lifting off. I've checked the camera cable, and it's seated properly. Any ideas?

  3. You may want to correct what you said about recording to an SD Card. The camera on the belly has a slot in it, which looks like an SD card goes into it, which many other drones are capable of doing through this slot, however when I went to put an SD card into mine, the card fell in, and I ended up removing the camera with the two screws that hold it to the battery cover, then removing the four screws to get into the camera housing, only to find the little board that runs the camera, DOES NOT have anyplace for an SD card. I was a little disappointed in this missing feature. Another feature I'm seeing some people mention, is 'Hold Altitude', however I have found no means of holding altitude. One last comment, before I finish. I've started this thing off on an absolutely flat surface, I checked it with a level in a couple directions because I was constantly having this problem – the hexacopter, or mine at least, never really started where it would just hover. I always had to hit the trim tabs, usually towards forward and left, both about three to four clicks (beeps). And even then, I needed about a "half click" to center it. It never did just find an absolute center position. When I set it to where the remote actually did the extended beep, it was so far out of adjustment, that it would immediately zoom off into whatever was to it it's rear right. My last flight was about five days ago, when for no reason my drone went from about 20 feet above me into a wild yaw to the right climb in elevation. And as it rose the right yaw slowed down, but it continued to climb. eventually it started going faster and faster away from me, over deep area of woods and swamp. It got tinier and tinier and eventually I could see it falling from the sky, now and then tumbling, and then leveling, only to resume falling some more. It was easily over 1,000 feet away from me. My property is 162 feet long, and it was many times further than that length. May have been 1,500 or more feet away. It was very tiny and hard to spot coming down. I tried the headless mode when it started to get away from me. Each time I tried that, and no matter what direction I moved the stick, it just moved further away. Needless to say, I've been bummed for a week now. No more drone. Any donations? LOL, just joking about donations, but I wonder what GPX would tell me about the erratic behavior in the end. Has anyone else experienced anything like this, headless mode not working, or for no reason your drone just had a mind of it's own, regardless of what you tried? I've lost it four previous times, but always because the battery was dying and I was too far away to return it to me. I live in Alaska, and I'm thinking the colder temperatures may have something to do with my shorter flight times. Which was at best, 4 1/2 minutes. Please respond, if you think of anything. Thanks guys, and happy flying…

  4. That isn't a drone its an RC helicopter. Everything you demonstrated you did with the controler and nothing was done on its own. Most of these are nothing more than Remote Control. What about getting the "drone" to fly stable in one spot? Can't do that.


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