GPTOYS F51 Waterproof Camera Drone – Full Review – [UnBox, Inspection, Setup, Rain Flight/Pool Test]


Here’s my full review. You can get the F51 here: Here I put it through a thorough water dunking in the pool after an in-depth review in the rain …


  1. I had a Sharper Image Camera Drone that I accidentally sank to the bottom of a ten foot deep swimming pool. When I managed to fish it out the lights were still blinking and low and behold it still flew but it ruined the camera.

  2. we all really appreciate these videos you do for us, but I have one criticism. Most every single reviewer will go through and talk about the quadcopter without even looking at directions or figuring out first what does what. Take a few minutes and read what they do before you make the video. Because for me personally I rely on a lot of these to know what the functions really are and what they really do. And most reviewer's don't look into this and just make assumptions, which defeats the purpose of your reviews to a degree.

  3. Everyone please be advised that the micro sd card slot is UNPROTECTED on this drone. This may seem obvious but by inserting a card into this drone you are basically dunking your micro SD card underwater. I did this and it completely destroyed a crappy 2GB MicroSD card that was working fine. At best, you will corrupt your video like Dustin did and at worst you will lose your entire microsd card. I'd be very angry to lose something like my 64gb sandisk microsd card in this quad, $20 down the toilet.

    Anyway this is a great review as always Dustin 😀

  4. The question is NOT "will it still fly when is wet?"
    The question is… " will you find rust inside or outside the motors, or FC board after doing this a few time?"


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