GoPro Karma REVIEW! The BEST Drone? Better Than DJI MAVIC Pro?


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  1. I think if GoPro were to improve the gimbal lock slider, there would be fewer complaints about this drone. Alas the drone division has been disbanded. You can still buy existing stock already on shelves. Discounted in most cases. There was a huge recall, the issue was supposed to be fixed, but in my opinion they over thought the issue. Most cases of malfunction were probably getting an audible warning…"camera malfunction"…at which time the drone would spool up to max speed and take off towards whichever direction it happened to be leaning. I personally successfully soft landed the drone only to loose trust in the bird each time I used it. I went over each flight in my mind and finally I noticed that during flight the slide lock that holds the gimbal in place had vibrated loose. This simple mechanical issue may be causing the majority the issues. Not that the drone is free of glitches in other areas. At least in most cases you can get the bundle pretty cheap, and it covers the cost of the camera and stabilizer grip. I do not suggest buying this drone. I do give GoPro 5 stars on the cameras they produce.

  2. I think the appeal of a drone for private would be the fact that you don't need an extra person to operate it – you can film yourself without operating it. But the backpack+controller won't allow you to carry anything else. Which means you can't truly get away from either your car, or someone else that brings the car and setup, because you can't carry two backpacks very comfortably. For example let's say you go hiking/camping for days alone, yet still would like to capture the event or what you do. You can't carry this with you since you have a tent, food, tools etc.

  3. comparing this drone to a Mavic is like comparing apples and oranges. Get the tool for your job at hand. GoPro is far more versatile, which means it is inferior for some specific jobs. It is superior for other specific jobs. Look at what you need and buy appropriately. Are you buying a superior drone with a pretty good camera, or a superior camera that has the versatility of being used on a good drone.

  4. I may be wrong, but after watching the start of the video I was convinced you didn't buy the Karma from your own funds. You were way over the top with your praise and I was left wondering whether the crunch was coming, and come it did. But the impression you gave was that the cons were of little concern. Even with some of the worst features imaginable for any quadcopter you made them appear to be inconsequential. The last thing any quad should have is a "problem" with losing contact. and having a poor air time with such large battery is bad news. It looks as if the battery was made last, it seems to have a lot of wasted space. perhaps it was redesigned due to weight concerns, why all those fins? I much prefer the Xiaomi Mi's approach to hand held gimbals. Buy the quad with the camera and have the held held unit as an option. I have to wonder how much air time you'd get if the weight of that gimbal was removed..

    Sorry, I don't see any comparison with the Mavic except it's arms fold up. The whole concept looks as if they started out with good intentions and they threw in the towel at the last minute and walked away before finishing it. I did get a good laugh at the guy walking with the back pack on, he gave the impression he was about to drop from the weight. Ans what was that about having to buy an extra battery? I don't know any keen quad flyer who doesn't own at least 3 batteries. I have over 40 different quads and have a minimum of 3 for every one. I might also add, every one of them are overpriced to blazes.

  5. Just in from the first flight with the Karma after a flight with my DJI Spark. I am impressed with it. I aquired it a few weeks ago and was hoping to sell it on for a Mavic as I got it for a good price. Might hang on for a while yet and see how I get on .


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