GoPro KARMA Drone Tutorial: How To Get Started


Unboxing, Setting Up and Getting Started with Your GoPro Karma Drone. For more help with your GoPro Karma drone, check out my book: How To Use The …


  1. Great video, thank you for making this. I'm new to the Drone world but bought the Karma as my first and love it! I'd like to know how to change the date and also wondering, when you play the video
    captured, thru the "Quik" software, you can add Gauges to the screen and it shows "FT" and "Elevation Gain". Is the "FT" based on the altitude from sea level and the elevation gain is the altitude from where the drone took off".

  2. Just back in after first flight with the Karma. I have had it a few weeks after getting it for an offer I could not refuse but with work shifts did not have time to use it. I took it out today with my DJI Spark. Did a flight with Sparky which was as always then fired up the Karma. Awesome flight, it was off like a rocket and flew so smooth. I was gonna sell it and get a Mavic but after that few minutes flight I think I will keep it.

  3. Very helpful.

    I have completed everything up until take off. Everything looks good, but the drone will not start. Any recommendations? The power button on the top is flashing. What does this mean?

  4. I know this was some time ago but im looking to buy one, i heard the karma has been known to just fly away, is that true? Also if there was multiple people flying drones in same area would their controller take over mine by mistake? I know dji is better i hear but i also am buying the gopro 6 so it only makes sense to buy karma. I just want to make sure i dont lose it

  5. Bought your books on Hero6 and the Karma Drone since I got the bundle. Really enjoy your clear and simple explanation videos. This is my first Drone and GoPro or POV for that matter. Thank you for making things so much easier and fun for us newbs. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Come to think of it, your vids is what allowed me to feel comfortable in jumping into the bundle.


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