GoPro Karma Drone review


The GoPro Karma Drone is the best and only way to take your GoPro footage to new heights. Karma really is much more than a drone, allowing you to record …


  1. im a rc pilot with over 30 years of flying under my belt, funny no plane i have ever flown has sensors so it wont crash, new pilots keep using sensors as a benefit and there not, why do you think so many people post i lost GPS and my drone flew away stories….because they cant fly any other way and you want these people flying… its all marketing

  2. I am in LA right now and I have my Karma with me. I find out is a spectacular filming platform. The Hero 5 make the footage look awesome. It require more of a pilot for lack of self flying modes, however flying on strong wings is stable and predictable. The Mavic is a better as a drone but the Karma is better as a filming platform. I am new to drones and I am super happy with my purchase.

    I do hate the fact that the battery only last 18 minutes, they claim 20 Min, is all bullcrap. That upset me, I wish they were more honest about battery life.

    However putting the drone in the air is simple and quick and the landing is ever faster. I am not too familiar with the laws here in California so I fly with fear of a fine, or confiscation. I fly quick, pack even quickies and run away to avoid problems. The Karma is easy to deploy and pack.

  3. Been flying my Karma for 2 months now and it's been great. Used it on bike rides, flew indoors at work for getting shots of our machine shop. It's pretty nice that you get to use the gimbal and camera separately. Best value if you want to start making videos. Just bought a bunch of Gopro stock since it hit a 72 week low. They got a good product, good marketing, and good service. Anyone feel the same way?

  4. I just read your review. How is it that a drone, which you said was not sturdy in the air while lacking the sensors to help you, be a solid platform for first-time drone buyer, whose number one problem is crashing?

  5. What are your thoughts about the Mavic Pro + Sony FDR-X3000 combination instead of the Karma + Hero 5 bundle?

    While the combination is a couple of hundred dollar more, it provides extreme portability when compare to Karma (1/3 the weight and 1/4 the packing size). The Mavic is of course easier, smarter and higher performance in all aspect than the Karma. While the X3000, though the stabilization is obviously less stable than Hero5 on Karma Grip or Osmo, its internal "floating lens" stabilization mechanism give a decently stabilized 4K footage without the need of huge gimbal (esp. great if you mount on the helmet or the bike itself). The combination also give the person the ability to take the video on land and in the sky simultaneously.

    Have you tried the X3000? What do you think about the value of Karma when compared to this combination or other combinations, like Mavic + Olympus TG Tracker? And for those who doesn't own a Hero 5 or Hero 4, is there enough value for them to buy Karma?



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