GoPro Karma Drone Is Back [Review + Little Test Flight]


The GoPro Karma is back! I had a chance to check out an early release. Here’s my two cents on it. New episodes weekly. Subscribe: Don’t miss: Hands on with MoVI…


  1. Karma is a shit – As reported by a large amount of users, the drone gives you a GPS error, what should give you the only option to land it safely. But this is not true!!! The drone simply accelerates in a straight line until disappears or hit something. In my case, even running in its direction I lost sight because it is very fast and last location gives no real clue where it did go. I piloted a lot of drones before to do some work and choose the GOPRO for being my own drone because of the camera (that could be used underwater and etc giving a good value for money) even knowing that other brands are better with drones. I made a very rational choice and spent a 2 year saving to have a drone that flew just 2 times (2nd being the one where it disappeared). I`m completely frustrated because I neither stepped more than 50 meters from it (diagonally to it) before receiving the error and loosing complete control. Only button I hit for all the time when running to it was the descend one, trying to land it (or at least crashing it in some tree before I loose it). As I received it by yesterday and fully charged its battery + updated all software I can tell it is not a system update missing nor calibration fault as I did it very smoothly before the 1st launch. Will open a case with support on monday and hope gopro takes the customers seriously because it is stupid discover in internet forums that it is a common behavior… I`d rather prefer to have the 2016 version, at least it drops from the sky and not gets lost from you.

  2. Will it work the same with the hero 4 black? I know I have to get the harness for the hero 4 black but will it work all the features like the hero 5 does with the gimbal and the drone?

  3. Another feature to look at here is after 3 years I could still probably use a Karma Drone with a "Gopro 6". Flew a Mavic months ago and it was just phenomenal, size and features. But for a grand yes I think it should do that. Karma drone just costs little less than $500 if you would think about it considering the camera and grip.

  4. Yes, it is back! But a Mavic it is not which in my opinion bests the Karma in overall value. The Karma is a very capable drone. It has many well rounded features, both amateurs and pros can use. That being said, for future and current Karma pilots, you don't have to spend a lot of time or money studying for the FAA part 107 exam. I passed with a 90% and didn't take any courses. I just spent about $4 for a neat Googleplay app called UAS107 and watched a few videos on sectional charts via YouTube. $154 was my cost for FAA certification, this includes the $150 exam fee. Hereโ€™s the link to the app for interested pilots.


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