GoPro Karma Drone Battery Life Review – Real World Test


The amount of battery life that a drone can provide is essential to ensuring you have enough flight time to get the perfect shot. In this video we try to be fair and …


  1. Karma is awesome but i think I only get like 12 mins or less in fly time. the green bar up top will show like 20 mins or something but that dwindles down super fast. no way it last 20 mins. I dont even think it can push 15 mins. it sucks cause everything else about the drone is cool.

  2. nice review .
    lucky i go for DJI MAVIC PRO , its easily last me 22 – 24 mins flight time, if you just fly that near .
    hope to see market come out 40 mins flight time model . just like handphone now day with 5000mah big battery model for me

  3. It's a shame about the battery life, GoPro have stretched the flight longevity a little too far imo. It won't help with their credibility as a new player on the drone market, maybe they should lower the price of the battery's to reflect the fact that their customers are trying to be loyal to the brand.
    There is a video on YT, a guy doing a similar test with the Mavic, he had 28 minutes flight time.

  4. Hey there, can you do another test with full speed flight? I would like to have a fair comparison with Mavic. The following are my flight condition, mode and result. Thanks in advance for your effort ^^,

    I did a Marvic Realtime battery with the following condition:
    Temperature: 30c
    Wind: Small Breeze to no wind
    Speed: Max (Full throttle)
    Path: Fly front 1 KM, U-Turn, fly front 1 KM, U turn, fly right 1 KM, U-Turn, right 1 KM, U-Turn, back 1 KM and so on to simulate real battery drain and aero dynamic of the aircraft.
    Testing Height: 70-120 meters
    Remaining battery upon complete landing: 15%

    The result:

    For normal mode with front vision sensor on (10m/s max), I flew for 24 mins, avg speed around 9m/s, total distance travel is 11.7 km.

    For normal mode with vision sensor off (15 m/s max speed), I flew for 18.06 mins, avg speed of 13.5 m/s, and total distance of 13.11 km

    Sport mode not tested.

  5. Man, all I see and hear is how bad the Karma sucks.
    My DJI Phantom 1 has a longer battery life than the Karma lol. It's even more stable and doesn't drift away. The Karma can't even hover in place, it just drifts all over the place.

  6. I was torn between this and the Mavic. Was being the key word. I decided on the mavic. There are two things I wish the mavic had still though. One being a detachable gimbal with audio on the camera for non drone use. Two. I wish the camera had a wider field of view like the GoPro. I've seen some side by side shots ok the air and the GoPro looks so nice when side by side.

    However, everything else the mavic wins hands down.

    Just gotta get a new phone before I get the mavic (galaxy s7edge or iPhone 7 plus is the next decision. ).


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