GoPro Hero 7 Black Beginners Guide | Getting Started


This is my beginners guide for the GoPro Hero 7 Black. In this video, we cover all the basics to help you get up and running and shooting content with your new …


  1. I use a Sony SD card SR-UX2A with a writing speed at 70MB/s. Only 32Gig. I bought that card because it was the only one in the shop that advertised it writing speed.
    I also reccomend Kingston Canvas React, it have a write speed at 80MB/s and is cheap. One at 128GB costed me around 32 USD in Norway.

    Sandisc sd cards hide their writing speed, so those specifications are hard to find, you have to search online for each.

  2. I've had hi res vid in my phones for years……and I rarely ever use it. So I don't need one of these…………………….Gopros are for attention sluts…..just saying what we are all thinking….

  3. GoPro cameras suck ass. I had the Hero black and it was the worst piece of crap. I went swimming in a pool and it short circuited. Yes, I had the battery and usb ports covered properly. My iPhone takes better video than this over priced toy.


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