GoPro Hero 5 Black Beginners Guide | Getting Started


Hero 5 Black: I decided to make a GoPro Hero 5 Black beginners guide to help those who have just purchased their very first GoPro.


  1. Hi If I mounted the GoPro on my bike mount it would have to be attached upside down. Does it recognise camera is upside down and shoot normal and then if I connect to TV to replay footage will it play upside down? Thank you

  2. 16:13 In the time you say that you could already make 5 other photos. Not a critique to you, but the function makes only sense when you don't have the cam in your hand, which you already mentioned. But what if you said:"GoPro make a photo" and you're outside and it's recording the wind. Will it even reacto to that?

  3. Liked and Subscribed! Great video! If you were on a budget, which go pro is really good even if it lacks the latest and greatest features. I want to shoot video from a moving motorcycles at highways speeds. Thanks!

  4. Hi can you tell me if this has auto flip upside down, say you have it mounted to a selfie stick, and you rotate the stick so it then has the gopro upside down i'm pretty sure that some other reviewer said that it auto rotates, but i can't remember which review showed it, can you confirm this , cheers ingee

  5. I agree with Daveseyeball, I was about to say you do have a very calming demeanor and teaching seems to come naturally to you. But thank you for doing this. I just bought the Hero5 from Costco and it was not intuitive at all. The camera has a very hard time connecting to the app it seems.

  6. Amazing video mate just wish I could afford to buy 1 with accessories for my son who's autistic and makes videos on his tablet. Great video thou well done….

  7. Very helpful video, particularly the part where you demonstrate how the voice commands work. Only problem is, I happened to be charging my GoPro from my computer as I was watching this and now I have several videos & photos of my ceiling that you told it to take.

  8. Your video was informative as we are going on a cruise next year, I bought a GoPro Hero 5 so I can get started using it and editing my videos as I am new to this.   I have taken some videos and the quality seems to be great and creating videos thru Quik and Splice Movies are easy for first timers!


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