GoolRC T5G FPV Drone Review – TheRcSaylors


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  1. Thanks for the great vid! Are the batteries compatible with anything else? Would love to get some extra batteries for the T5 I just ordered, and not to import from China directly.

  2. Your video is the best I've watched on YouTube for this drone. I just got mine out of the box and started flyin it indoors today because it's raining out.  I'd like to ask you to go into more detail with it with the remote control and the components on the screen.  Also, is there a way to restart the setttings  on it?  Thanks.

  3. If this is useful to anyone, this is also sold as the JJRC H29G Warship, without the sunshade. The it is a lot of fun to fly, but the transmitter is delicate, I had the PCB inside snap from a waist-high drop; handle it with care.

  4. oh hey, by the way, that sharper image nano quad that I had recommended isn't necessarily as good as I was trying to state. I had liked the first one that I've gotten so much that I went and purchased a second one. well the second one wasn't nearly as good as the one that I got the first time. I don't know why but they were totally different kwads.

  5. Hey guys! Dave Herbert aka NightFlyer had a devastating fire at his home. If you could try and help him out with all your followers. He's in his 70's and lost EVERYTHING. Let's all come together, this is a RC family. We need to help out Dave!!!


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