GoolRC T49 720p HD FPV Selfie Drone Flight Test Review


This compact drone can be easily folded flat for storage in your pocket. Comes with 720p HD camera with FPV. Find it here and use 5% off coupon code …


  1. Don't think I like this one too much. Very short flight time and built in battery. Then transmitter don't have a phone holder. Plus seems like very short range. There are better drones out there in this near $40 price range. That said I will pass on this one.

  2. Seeing so many quadcopters with app control… Why they don't make an USB OTG or Bluetooth controllers to be used with their app?

    Or maybe combine a 5.8GHz video receiver on the controller to be connected to the cellphone via USB OTG or other video output connector like AV cables or HDMI?

    That's quite puzzling.

  3. 101 I bought the jjrc vr01 3d goggles and the syma x5uw, the goggles are crazy cheap $10 they appear very well made with individual lenses for each eye and adjustable, my cell (alcatel icon pop) cheap 5 in screen smart phone connects to the syma go app perfectly, unfortunately the app will not let me split the screen, very surprised you are not using these goggles or similar to demo ALL THESE WIFI TOYS tons of them, all the screamers yelling my privacy, my privacy, this is whats coming, very tiny, very quiet, fast flying,long range, itty bitty little humming birds you wont even know its there, countrys like canada passing strick limits on weight will only fuel the quest for smaller/better, where was your repeater for this review? I am definitly ordering this one to experiment, will the app split the screen?


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