GOOLRC T37 Drone Review


A review of the GOOLRC T37 selfie drone. You can buy these at: with more drones …


  1. Even other models of the price range are more stable and fly. The movement of this machine does not have presence of mind, and a camera turns to the bottom frequently. I do not seem to be able to spurt straight. I want to refrain from the purchase

  2. I just got one and the answer to putting the pug into the socket all the way is to use a small pair of needle nose pliers. Easier to see if it's in the right place as your fingers aren't in the way.

  3. For the price doesn't look too bad in the end. I haven't actually used a drone with phone controls etc
    Small battery of course, but relative to the size of the drone.
    Yeah I was waiting for what you said about the wind. I suppose this is the problem with a low mass one with smallish blades, but that's a trade off for a small device.
    Nice that you were able to use the GP XD to control it.
    Drones are very popular down here now, so much so they have introduce a rather lot of laws about them ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Great review Steve..
    I might get one of my own, but I need to know a thing.
    In my back yard I have wi-fi connection but if I want to
    use the drone in a place with no wi-fi, will it then still work..?

  5. Why the contradicting Li-On battery charge times. My shaver asks me to charge it normal times to full but in the case of slow buzzing it asks your to do a 24hr service charge.

    This drone tells you go over a limit and it will explode if that is the case wouldn't a shaver one on service charge explode too?

  6. Drone? Its an RC toy. A drone kills people from hundreds of miles away, the size of a tank, a weapon of killing mostly used by the USA. We need to make the distinction in honor of those innocent people killed by real drones.

  7. Pretty good review, especially on that battery connection. I remember when I got y Turbo Grafx-16 and I thought it was broken. No loading game. My father asked if I needed to take it back and I replied "Yes" an as I was about pack it up, my nephew jumps up and touched my TG16. I was in shock, just like my littler brother. NO ONE was allowed to touch my consoles.

    My nephew jammed the Keith Courage in Alpha Zones. He 'fixed' the issue. I was not pushing the HuCard in far enough.

    Thanks for that. The discount for it is $42.30 US, but the main price is $76.99. I went to the website at:

    Is that pad/scale just decoration? I did not see it in your video, unless you only verbally mentioned it briefly.

    You have a nice sized yard. Our yard is not that big and we have trees and a fence. I'd let the dog out, but I hard a feeling, she'll jump and snatch it from the air.

    Thanks for the review.

    P.S. There are things could use improvement, I'd love it to display a small hologram image or any image on the ground. Talk about wild party.

  8. Glad you took my advice on GPD XD, it's perfect for that App, but here is another idea, did you swap the Analogue sticks on the GPD XD, as in place the right stick onto the left stick on the App and Vice Versa, that way you have full control of the App the way you like it.

  9. There's the glamour difference between Britons and Americans: Steve Austin crashes an expensive lifting body dropped by a B52 bomber, is terribly injured but rebuilt with cybernetic enhancements at a cost of $6m. Steve Benway crashes a drone worth ยฃ35, and… nothing much happens. Steve Austin gets the support of a spy organisation and his own boffin called Rudi; Steve Benway gets some some random passers-by in a field, who don't recognise him.

  10. It's an interesting toy, but the picture quality seems to be poor and flight stability is not good either. If it's cheap enough for the person getting it, it could be ok for just playing with it for a bit.


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