GLUTE ISOLATION DAY / Shooting Gymshark, buying a drone!


Outfit – Gymshark seamless line My Gymshark link – Body weight – 55kg, Height 5ft 3 ————————————————————————…


  1. Hey Beth!! Same happened to me when I was in the pill, for me was no option then leave it definitely it was affecting really bad so I do some research for natural alternatives and I found this book "Taking charge of your own fertility! from Toni Weschler. and believe me I was shock of what a difference in my life after stopping the birth control pills that I see as a junk now!! I've been taking charge of my own fertility since the pastย  7 years withย  a 100% success with no problems and no worries once you learn how your body woks. Obviously this is a very disciplined practice just for people who are strict and focus with what are you doing !! then you find success jus how I did!! truly recommended

  2. Seriously, you don't need makeup. In fact, I find you more attractive without it. As you said, pics may look better with it, but you should feel confident going without it on days you don't need to take pics. I love your vids!

  3. Hi. Its Tj! I'm curious to how yp work out? I work out to stay in shape obviously but its just push ups and dips out of the frame. Plus the hops chemical. I try not to to get in the way of the gorgeous with it but there small guys. What do you work out for for? Your butt needs that protein drink. I don't knowย which one it is but your sexy lmao in a way where I'm from the US but I was born in Germany


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