Global Drone – GW008 Skull Drone – Review and Flight


Link to purchase from RTF ($18) …


  1. HE Ryan,i have question,need HELP about GW009C.Can i Use a Chargingcable from another QC?because i think the cable from the GW009C is broke(or the quad it self is broke)the quadcopter DOSNT go ON anymore,i only fly like 3 times,i think it might be the charge cable because when i Plug it into the PC the light indicator goes"RED"and it should be dark when its emty/loading and"RED"when it fully charged…….but My Question/consurn is its possible if polarity is reversed the cable(from CX-10D) goes broke?

  2. He Ryan,another question,the Battery of Skully goes DEAD after 2 minutes and i only fly the QC like 7 that normal or could it be a Bad battery?…its SAD because this QC i learn to fly the BEST so far,so i like to order NEW battery`s but iam affraid the QC is broke,so/or it will happend again,i mean 7 times is verry expansive to replace battery everytime

  3. He Ryan,when i press both sticks to the outside-bottom the qc does flicker its lights(and keeps on flickering until i repeat action) BUT headless mode doesnt work,is it possible its broke or can i do something to fix it?… are you shore it has headless mode,can you chek on your Skully if it works,because it dosnt refer to it in manual……maybe it just only for flickering the lights

  4. ehh,and requlebration(pardon my English…BUt they no longer Europeeen so F&*K `m……JK)dosnt say also anywhere in manual.THANKS,where would we be without You Review people.o WAIT Calibrated,yeah it say`s something verry different,manual say`s"turn of trsmt. wait 5 sec.turn on while press F/S button.well i think i try your way 1st,because i think trimming aslo went NOT the way it says in manuel………….PSwould be nice if al the charging cable`s USE the same system,now 1 light goes ON when ready,Other light is on and goes OUT when ready…AAAAGHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…..Never loose manuel

  5. FACK it has Headless mode?…WHYTF dosnt that say in manual,well iam gonne try after iam finishing charging,i cant get enough of flying it,its verry stable,almost like Altitude hold,only cost a little time to get use to trimming,so i gonne check out if headless mode is working,kinda missed that,dosnt refer to it anywhere,verry strange….you better be right,lol

  6. Reminds me of the G Intrude M9912 H7 Nano quad, just bigger, which has this same awkward controller set up.Haha That global drone logo looks like the Hot Wheels logo. Looks like a really good Quad for the price. Nice Flying And Great Review!!

  7. Please review the Fayee FY805. Seen mixed opinions on it. Trying to decide between it and the jjrc h20. Your reviews are always spot on! Need your input on this one.


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