Global Drone – GW007-1 – Review and Flight


Link to purchase from RTF ($46) …


  1. Looks like the changes were all positive between the DM007 and GW007, without any downsides. Bangood claims the props (60mm vs 66mm) and battery (380mah vs 390mah) are larger, as well as a new 1-touch RTL feature. The included 2.0MP camera looks a tiny bit different between the 2 quads, but they share specs, so maybe it's just the pictures on BG. It's funny, though, the site claims only 390mah for the battery, while I clearly see 400mah @4:05!

  2. I Think It's Little Brother, The Nano GW009C Will Fly Circles Around It…I'm Wondering If It Is As Tough…? My Little GW009C's Have Taken Punishment & Keep Going…1 Is Finally Down, So I Made It Into Cam. 4 Other Drones (Half Shell W/Motors Cut Off)…You Can check It Out If You Like On My Little Start Up Wanna Be Channel…Thanks Man

  3. Don't think it's for me.  I have noticed that your Quads video's are often very Jello, looking at other reviews not so much, I wonder if they edit the Quads video's.     Thank for showing

  4. I got the older DM007. Fix the drop out isses with antenna mod on both TX and quad. Suffers VRS even without prop guards. and bigger ladybird props. Look's like this new one still got the same issues except for LED's. The next version could use geared motors instead and maybe use a lighter plastic material for chassis. Thanks for you honest reviews. Now I fly my Mould King Super-S.

  5. I have one of these. It actually flies well. Mine however cuts out at times when about 30 meters out and falls out of the sky. It dropped so hard that it seized one of the motors and I had to order new motors and led lenses. Still watching your video, so now yet sure if you had problems with range.


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