GLADIUS Submersible ROV Drone Review – Part 4 – In-Depth Ocean Test + Wireless Range Test


Enjoy part 4 of the Gladius review series. Get the Gladius here Let’s explore the ocean, test range and capabilities! Amazing turtle …


  1. What would be perfect is to have a retractable cord setup. like the kind they have in the old Electrolux vacuum cleaners. only it would need to have sensors to be able to make sure their was never too much slack or too much tension.

  2. Might have better luck with the wifi connection if you turn off your cellular connection, don't know if you did that or not. I've had issues at least with my phone getting a stable connection to video streaming devices over wifi

  3. Hi Dustin! I'm really amazed with the clarity and sharpness of this video. I went to Hong Kong recently and had my defective unit replaced with a new one. I just removed the front rubber protecting the lens of the Gladius Advanced, I don't see any thread to screw in the red filter… how did you attach your red filter and what diameter? They say 49mm, but how did you attach your red filter to the ring? Diameter you used?

  4. It's great that you can go back and inspect your own buoy like that. All it needs is a couple of small robot arms on the front of the Gladius and you could have untangled it remotely haha. Might be worth an accessory of a seperate float cradle for the reel so that it is kept totally out of the water as it unravels. But I'm not sure of the practicality of having the reel floating 100m away from you while you remain on shore anyway. Seems like it's a recipe for losing the entire setup if the buoy drifts beyond wifi range.


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