Getting Started with the DJI Spark


I’ve learned a thing or two about the Spark…let me bestow my knowledge upon you. 1:58 – WiFi Setup 3:30 – Controller Setup 5:35 – DJI GO app setup 11:22 …


  1. Shortcuts:
    1:58 – WiFi Setup
    3:30 – Controller Setup
    5:35 – DJI GO app setup
    11:22 – Flight/Gesture Demos
    16:16 – Accessory/iPad Talk

    Links mentioned in the video:
    DJI Spark:
    Spark Care Refresh Plan:
    Controller Tablet Bracket:
    Controller Transport Clip:
    Tablet Shade:

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Hi. I'm getting the Spark combo for Christmas, it's already home but I'm not allowed to open the box and set it up until December 24th, lol. I've been reading about the new FAA regulations and it is a little confusing for me because English is not my native language. I know that I have to open an account and register the drone but I'm not sure if that's the only thing I have to do since I'm using my Spark for personal or recreational use only, not for business. My question is: Do I need to get a drone pilot certificate to fly legally or not? I'll appreciate if someone could answer my question with updated information. Thanks!

  3. Receiving my SPARK tomorrow. Found you video wonderfully done in ALL respects, so I "liked" and "subbed".
    Noticed behind you a Pinus Elliottii (Slash Pine) tree, which is my favorite, due to it's beautiful characteristic bark. So you're most likely in the southeastern US. If you happen to be in south Florida, I'd very much like to spend same time with you and really learn how to fly my new "toy" – without losing or crashing it.

    Many thanks!

  4. i watch start to end. great video and tips. but u not share to viewer to marking return to home in current location where ever we going to start flying.

    this return to home can remember to return current set place, in any occasion like lost gps signal, lost controller connection, or battery at critical level.

  5. Really great video man and this is coming from a guy who has the Phantom 3 and the Mavic! I sold those two drones and recently got this Spark at a great price so I pounced on it. This video was the perfect little refresher course plus it taught about some of the new features like the face recognition take off. Great job!


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