Get FPV DRONE RACING for ONLY $200!! Full Guide 2017 + GIVE AWAY


Everything you need to get into FPV DRONE RACING. A 2017 Full buyers + setup guide aimed at getting people into FPV drone racing with some great …


  1. can I know how build pro version drone i.e attaching the antenna and configuring the drone. Where and how can I get the end to end designing doc or video to build from scratch and fly it. can some one suggest me proper components for a stable FPV. Thanks in advance.

  2. How does the video feed manage itself when the quad is turning at high speed? Does the feed break apart? Is there a lot of static? Bcs the footage is misleading here bcs its a go pro, full HD.

  3. Hey im using the same controller, transmitter, and receiver, i configurer it in betaflight and its binded properly but whenever i power it all up the escs (or motors, jot sure which) just keep beeping and its not responsive (but it is binded )

  4. Hey failure. I mean Aussie. Built this. Never flew. Built another never flew. Got a bnf Batman, your setup was dead wrong. So get your ideas and garbage off YouTube. All you are doing is misleading people that want to enjoy their time going into this hobby…

  5. I know this video is old but I have to ask you something do you know what can cause and F 3 SP racing flight controller to jump through the air with just a little bit of throttle apply to it


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