FY326 Q7 Drone Camera Test Flight


At about $26 (with coupon “FY326”), this clone of the Syma X5C is one of the best choices for a low cost quadcopter capable of lifting the 808 #16 V3 camera.


  1. +Quadcopter 101 I bought one of these after watching your review. It's a really good flyer! I damaged the lower shell of the body and I can't locate an FY326 Q7 body. Would you happen to know if I can mount the FY326 internal components into a Syma X5 body?

  2. Gaming, can't reply to you directly for some reason. But no. IOt may be able to lift it momenarily. But doing such will likely stress the motors, and cause them to fail prematurely.

  3. I'm a novices and on your advice I did get the FY326 as my first Quad-copter and have been practicing with it. However it keeps tiring to fly left at hover and I'm have to constantly adjust to hover. I have adjusted the appropriate trim button to its maximum but still it what's to fly left. Is it possible to reset the gyros on the Q7? and if so how? do you have how to video that works for the Q7?

  4. Will this quad carry the new Run cam  Guru 101. Now also what (gimble make shift) did you use or would you use the run cam with the tarantula X6 if you get it without camera. Thank you as always ….

  5. Hi,is there some owner which owns FY326. I have noticed some mistake of the flight FY326.The  all 4 engines of the quadcopter are turning off in the flight from this to next moment. Actually the quadcopter directly falls out of the sky but in the next moment the motors are start running again.Is this a firmware  error or what? The range is within 20 meters when that happens.I have try to move the antena in difrent position but there is no improvement.

  6. Thanks for all the cool, informative videos on these cheap quads. I just ordered a couple yesterday from GearBest. (One for me, one for my son 🙂 I was wondering, what do you use for a case for the FY326/X5C quads? I have seen a beautiful custom case for $35, but that's more than I spent on the thing itself, so the frugal side of me is trying to find an alternative. Can you tell me the dimensions with the props and prop guards removed from the FY326? Thanks!

  7. Thanks 101, I saw one of yet mods I think it it was yours. About where u modded a similar quad were u poked a hole in the top of quad & put the antenna threw it. Question is was it u & did it? And did it stop the hiccups as u call it were u loose tx of the quad when u use a camera on board. Yet another question would shielding the camera or antenna help this any?

  8. Hi 101 & everyone else who may be able to answer this question. I got a email from deals machine.com for this quad fy326 q7 for only $18.99 is this a legit company??? The price seems too good to be true. Has anyone dealt with this web site?

  9. I am enjoying your reviews on quads and cameras.  I have never flown a quad but have exp with scratch built foamy fix wings.  Anyway  I was wondering the 808 camera your using is it compatible with a Mac?  If not do you know of any that are?
    thanks and looking forward to future reviews

  10. Do you think this could lift a little 700TVL CMOS camera, a transmitter and a battery to power them? I'm considering putting together a fun little FPV rig.

  11. Hi Q101. What mods have done to the quad to make the camera so stable in flight?! Because this looks fantastic for a cheap camera platform with the keychain. Thanks in advance.


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