FuriBee DarkMax FPV Racing Drone Review ⭐


The FuriBee DarkMax is an overall solid model and was easy to setup and fly. Make sure to check the coupon and get the discounted price. It’s a good value when on discount. FuriBee DarkMax…


  1. hey Albert, I just bought this. (I lost my wizard at night wth the run cam owl. a tree branch took it out mid flight and I never found it.) do you worry at all about the few tenth a of a degree that seems impossible to level for the accelerometer or do you even bother to use it? I couldn't get my wizard to ever level perfectly. I even had a level and it wouldn't work. thanks.

  2. Having a problem with mine. I bound my taranis to the XM receiver that came with it and it appeared to be bound according to the lights but when plugged into betaflight there's no registering when I move the sticks. So I replaced it with an XM plus receiver and it's appearing that it's bound properly but it's doing the same thing. Not registering any stick moving in betaflight


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