Full drone flight over Europe’s largest ghost town Varosha, Cyprus from the Greek side.


This is the full footage of 44 years Turkish occupied ghost town Varosha, shot during this mission: Since there …


  1. Thank you Peter. I have been watching every single footage you uploaded on YouTube. Shame really shame that we cannot go back to our homes.  Once again a BIG THANK YOU

  2. Thank you for this, although it breaks my heart. It's so difficult to get your bearings from the video, and so much has changed, including my perceptions as I was just an 8 year old child in 1974. I lived on the edge of an abandoned orange grove near the corner of Jules Verne Avenue. The grove seemed huge to me as a child, but it probably wasn't. Amazing how your perceptions change

  3. They must be maintaining some of the roads, because they would have been over grown after all these years and you wouldn’t be able to see them.

    But it’s also Strange how turkey have held on to this for no apparent reason and the European Union have not stepped in to say, enough is enough now. Give it back. Pointless waste….

  4. You must have real BIG balls to don’t think twice about the chain of radiacal events that can take place during, or after this event.
    And the one and only puspose of this flight is to satisfy your own thrills..
    Really big balls!!!

  5. Great test flight Peter. Now that you scouted out the area you will be able to go at a lower altitude. Just hope the evil Turkish military does not shoot your Phantom down. Looking forward to the next mission. This is better than watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

  6. What track is this? All those people saying the track sucks have no idea how to expand their musical taste. Europeans know good electronic music. Just saying… Cool video. Please keep up the great work.

  7. HI Peter, well you did manage to get most of what you wanted to film and from 99% of the reactions from your followers its all good now at one point you looked worried I know and most of the pilots here also know what that feels like when you get told that you have no signal wow, but it did keep going and you did get the video you wanted Fair Play to you Peter, regards TJK UK.

  8. dji soll dir die größte komerzielle drone zur verfügung stellen ! ich hatte angst um dein flugobjekt das es unangemeldet abgeschossen wird, ich habe angst um dich peter, sie haben damals deinen ausweis kontrolliert, ich habe gleich an das video mit der polizei gedacht. pass gut auf dich auf ! es ist gut das die unfassbare geschichte die dahinter steckt aufgedeckt wird, dank -alexis hadjisoteriou- haben wir einen einblick in das unfassbare was damals passiert ist. das video war von der ersten bis zur letzten sekunde spannend, warscheinlich weil ich die erste mission kannte. weiter so !

  9. As usual with Litchi, the footage is partially out of focus. It's even worse with my Mavic Pro. The biggest mistake is to re-focus, then everything is out of focus. I don’t know why, but Litchi's programmers do not seem to use their own software in practice.


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