FrSky Vantec q100 QuadCopter Review & FPV Drone Range Test with Indoor Prop Mod


Just bind and fly the q100 Vantec to any FrSky Transmitter and you are flying. This is a fully assembled superb flying micro quad. Adding the Grayson PropGuard …


  1. It would be awesome if you tested without a $200 transmitter and $300 + diversity and a patch antenna goggles for a review. Most ppl that buy this won't have the equipment or would rather buy a kit or build one if they don't half a grand without the quad. Still great review

  2. Wow looks awsome! hoe much would you charge me for a complete running combo? since i do not have a Radio? i do have a charger. since i am into the rc cars. been on the ground 33 years now time to take to the air. Looks like a great beginner quad for me.


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