From newbie to expert: How To Fly RC Drone Cheerson CX-20 In 7 Minutes #Samiluo


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  1. Hello sir can anybody tell me why after I calibrate it and everything seems correct I put it in the air and once I activate GPS it starts jerking and moving alot. Please someone help I have several quads and this is the only one that scares me for a fly away so I never take it far.

  2. incomplete instructions.
    How to Calibrate the TX – NO instructions
    How to Calibrate the RX – NO instructions.

    Each time you fly a DIFFERENT location.. You have to CALIBRATE the GPS so it KNOWS where you are…

    You also have to calibrate the TX..

    3 minutes of patience to do this will make your fight more enjoyable and less costly in the event of a crash.

  3. Thank you so much, I'm 13 and just got the cx 20 for Christmas, after trying to fly it about 80 times I wanted to burn it, the instructions don't make sense and it was pissing me off but your video helped me sooooooo much thank

  4. Very nice video. Loved the format. Easy to watch, pleasant music, short and to the point. Well done. I was looking after an explanation for the flight modes as I didn't understand the "orientation" flight mode (headless).

  5. Many buying a CX20 do not fully understand that this quad is for advanced operators. In order to fly successfully a CX20, or a DJI Phantom, one must first have a devoted interest, learn by crashing..(expensive) and can multi-task 6 different tasks simultaneously like…juggle 6 bowling pins in motion….Can you do this? Most cant!

  6. Good info, except that with flight it isn't up, down, left, right turns. You could confuse a newbie. You should use correct terms like Yaw, Pitch, Aileron, Rudder etc. If the quad is anything but facing tail in right isn't right, left not left, forward not forward, unless using a headlock feature etc. A slight breeze and drift and suddenly a newbie thinking they are "turning right" like a car and may end up with a CRASH! Trees, buildings, the ground along with other solid objects have special magnetic powers with flying models even to those with experience, lol. Not that I am suggesting this should be a begginners quad, but still airplanes, helicopters, boats, quadcopters etc don't just "turn" left and right as orientation changes.

  7. Excellent tutorial and it explains the vague instructions that come with the CX-20. Did you ever have to set the trims BEFORE flying and if so is it necessary to do this before every flight or if they are set do they remain so. Finally… I had the problem of the quad tipping over on take off so unless I took off flat out I could not get into the air.

  8. bad english (too many "to"), bad advices (never power an aircraft before the tx), wrong information (rth is return to home position which is defined by powering on the aircraft, not the position of the tx, if you move, the cx will not follow the tx). You know how to fly but your advices are wrong and dangerous…

  9. Hi Sami, do you run calibration on your both aircraft and transmitter before you play it?
    i have new CX20 with me, i just wonder it cant fly in balance even though i've calibrated.
    would you have advise? please.


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