This drone from karearea will change FREESTYLE flights forever. MASSIVE waffle arms cause the drone to fly with incredible float hangtimes and super silky …


  1. I have to say, I didnt think it would work, BUT IT WAS AMAZING. the footage people are going to get with this thing is going to be next level – What do you guys think? Have you flown one? also sorry about my acro skills… but thanks to this thing, they should be improving pretty quickly.

  2. Don't think those waffles really make any kind of help to float. Obviously it depends on the angle of the wing but with the camera being at any kind of angle above 0 degrees it's just giving you down force. IMO seems completely pointless

    Edit: plus the fact that it's a hefty unit the momentum its gonna carry is giving all the hang time

  3. I just ordered a talon last night and shipping was $50. By the time I was done $200 was spent for just a frame and a few extra parts. Very painful. Gonna take me forever to build this out because all my money I had for this build went to the frame and shipping

  4. This frame has BH Avenger 2507 with some 5.5 inch props if they will fit and some 1800 4s or 5s R-lines.. that kinda set up will give nice flight times.. heavy build anyways so the extra battery weight won't be to much a issue and on some super high torque lower KV motors will be excellent.. I'm deff gonna build one of these.. im a freestyle guy and racer together lol… my real love is racing but I have spent a huge amount of time becoming a pretty good freestyle pilot. I really hope they offer this with arms that will handle 5.5 inch props or even better 6 inch.. I think a build like this normal 1300s are a waste of time it's a 1800mah setup and if we can get 5.5 inch props with 5s or 6s with lower KV torque monster motors we should be about to get 5 min or so of nice smooth flowy freestyle.

  5. Very interesting, I have long considered the application of something similar with curved edges designed as vortices generators.  Good video my Aussie friend.  It is also nice to see some unaltered weather; something we rarely see in the States these days.  Have a good one, and remember to actively protect your individual rights and collective freedom, lest they be taken away forever!

  6. The waffles actually don't make a lot of sense for freestyle. It would actually not be in your favor for juicy moves. It would work against you in some cases. It would slow you down due to wind resistance at certain angles… On the way up not down…

  7. I can see it has lots of jello. I had to stop using raceflight because of this. Raceflight is good for racing but the new firmware is garbage. I think they lost their best guy or something…

  8. Stu I absolutely love your hype on this video, and even being a total noob in this hobby, with my little E010, I can tell that this is game changing innovation. So exciting! This is what I'm into

  9. Sorry but what is the actual big deal here? I mean, did you actually not know why the early non-aerodynamic H-frames with the huge surface area on the arms are globally the most used freestyle frames…?? no offense, love your vids. just surprised this makes you all buttery and soft lol

  10. I have no means to bum or something but the hangtime is just like a normal quad maybe even less.
    You do a punchout -> flip, so you quad still goes a little bit up like normal, but it seems like it has more drag than normal, then it maybe hangs for 0.0001 longer upside down which I highly doubt. In my opinion a gimmick.

  11. Hey stu
    I recently bought an aurora 68 and i bought it with a frsky receiver now i changed to a spektrum receiver but its not working i did the soldering under the flight controller what should i do

  12. I think this is mostly because you’re not used to freestyle. That hang time looks like nothing special to me. Exactly the same as all my 5” quads weighing 600-630g. Hype hype hype. This quad will not ‘change the industry’, mark my words.


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