Freestyle Comparison – Wizard X220 vs GEP TX5 – Flying from a moving car


Note: Flying from the moving car was performed on a closed road. As I mentioned in the video, I’ve been flying my nearly identical setup quads and noticed that …


  1. I think the DIY quad flew smoother. I also design and build my own frames because I have a specific list of components I like to use so I design the frame around them. e.g. I like the Brother Hobby Returner motors with the 16mm BP so my arms are cut for that bolt pattern. I also design TPU 3d printed parts for antenna mounts, ESC protectors etc. so that every thing is easy to work on and clean reliable builds.

  2. I just saw your video after searching for x220 vids. (I've just ordered one). Great flying skills mate! And I agree the other quad is smoother for sure. Also, your use of reverse footage is really effective, I liked that a lot. Subscribed.

  3. Amazing footage and awesome flying skills. I’m thinking of getting into the fpv hobby and considering buying a ready to fly eachine wizard since I’ve heard a lot of good reviews for their price

  4. Board went out in my x220 and took a couple of days to figure that the board was the problem! Put a acro mini in last night and it test flew this morning, all back to normal again. watched your video again to inspire me to fly this pos again. Love the stunt at 1:35, foreward flip over light pole and flying backward back up again. Very cool.

  5. Great job! The trackhoe stunt is awesome. I have a smaller trackhoe and done the same except my hole is smaller. Gave me the willies seeing you fly thru. I hit my a couple of times 🙂

  6. Self made, smoother.. I also have similar frames and although I like both one ends up with better footage on the X (battery hanging) one..for tight corners the wizard might be better but again the X makes me look good, kudos for the fwrd loop heheh 😀 need to find a high lamp post and try it !

  7. yes can see the twitches in the wizard my build with a frog frame done it too… ? used all the components on a similar frame except it had a one piece lower plate and all was fine so I assume it was something to do with vibrations but the FC was soft mounted ???? so still none the wiser.

  8. conductive carbon fiber and high voltage power lines supplying power to thousands of people. Not very responsible. C'mon guys let's fly safely and keep the hobby legal


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