FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test


Get certified as a commercial drone pilot so you can make some money! This is our FREE, comprehensive study guide for the FAA Part 107 sUAS Drone …


  1. Thanks Tony! I just passed this morning with an 82. Between your video and remote pilot app, i was able to get a good understanding. Many of the sample test questions were on the test.

  2. ANOTHER satisfied customer!! Let you know on your twitter but thank you VERY MUCH for the video resource (I learn so much better this way) and that AWESOME study guide – was there an hour early and crammed!! Took, and passed, it this morning!!!.

  3. Anyone not viewing this video… and wants to pass their 107 is missing a golden opportunity. I passed with an 87% by viewing only this video and purchasig a $5.00 app from itunes. In my estimation, I am unsure why anyone would want to pay for another 107 tutorial program that costs an exorbitant amount of money. Thank you Tony!

  4. Your remark at 41.00 was very insightful and smart. Let me add to why the FAA wants you to know some prehistoric means of communications and mapping. The world is following the FAA and drones operators around the world don't necessarily have lte everywhere. Even if you go elsewhere and try to fly, you might wanna know the classical stuff to survive.

  5. WOW you only got an 88 on the exam! It must be one tough test! I'm about half way done with this video and I will be attending drone school for a week and then I will be ready for the part 107 test!

  6. Also Passing by to say Thank you. I used 3 source for studying for my test but this video was the most resourceful. Passed 2 days ago with 93%.
    You the best!

  7. I had to come back and report another successful first attempt at the Part 107 Exam. I passed this morning with a 90%! I watched this video a few times, which did an excellent job of getting me familiarized with all of the facts and info that was previously foreign to me. I also took note from some of the comments down below and downloaded the $5 Remote Pilot app from Prepware. It really helped being able to jog my memory at anytime of the day by taking the practice exam or studying through the various topics they provide. I also utilized the practice exam from 3dr several times. Finally, I did start skimming through the study guide that the FAA provides towards the end.

    Thanks Tony and Chelsea!

  8. Thanks- The effort put into this video is much appreciated– I watched this twice, read through the notes a few times, took two practice test in your links and scored an 88 on the actual licensing test. Advice to others: know your weather information (types of weather and how to read the TAF charts) and how to accurately read the communication frequency info from the charts.– the practice tests are great, because some of the questions are exactly as they are on the practice tests. Again, thanks for taking the time to make this video.

  9. Thanks for this awesome video, Tony! Just took the test today and passed, your study guide and watching this is what made it happen. Much appreciated. For anyone wondering, the majority of my questions today revolved around locating info on the sectional charts, determining which airspace certain areas were, determining if you were allowed to fly in certain areas, and the heights of the floors and ceilings, etc. Spend a lot of time focusing on learning the sectional charts, I'd even recommend finding a couple other sources to study up on them.

  10. Great guide! Passed my part 107 a few days ago with a 95%. Mine was mostly sectional charts. Like literally 70% or more! Definitely not what I was expecting based on all the practice tests I took.

  11. I watched this twice and did go through the notes from watching the video b4 the test and passed the test this morning. Total time invested 4-5 hours which includes watching this video twice. Thank you for simplifying the whole thing in one easy review. I got to tell you I was zero to full confidence about part 107 in just watching it once. Did recommend to other peers who are walking around with books they got from attending some fancy classes and have yet to take the test. Keep up the good work bro, cheers!

  12. Tony! Thanks for this video. I passed my exam today after going over the video & study guide for 3 days. However I'd recommend spending some more time than I did. But that just goes to show how well designed this video is to help you pass this test. There were a few curve balls questions that I did not even see in other videos I looked at. But for the most part you were spot on.

  13. Thanks for the help, I passed the test today. These numbers list make things easy to remember. Another trick that I used is: stable-stratiform-steady-smooth-smoke… and write it down asap I started the test. Thanks again


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