FQ777 FQ11 WiFi FPV Foldable Arm Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This very portable little quadcopter includes folding arms, real time FPV flight video, and has a larger than normal battery for extra long flight time (for a nano).


  1. Hey Brother I have bought many drones due to your excellent videos….You are the" Drone Master" By watching your videos..I started out on the smaller and cheaper Syma's and became a skilled flyer, before I got my first Dji, then the Phantom 3 and now the Pro 4..Thanks for excellent advise….Its insane for someone to go out and buy a 4 or a Mavic Pro as a first drone….

  2. – I have a question regarding the charging of this quadcopter.
    – Tthe manual said that"The red light is on when charging,green light is on when charging finishes.Charging time is about 40-60 minutes"
    – After I connect the transmitter to the FQ11 (through the small yellow cable inside the transmitter) to charge directly from it, then I turn the transmitter ON. the LED Power button turn from red to blue, and then it remains blue like that for over an hour, and I have no idea when the charging will be finished. Will the LED light changes when it's fully charged or will it always remains blue like that ?
    -Please help.

  3. Omg, i got mine such cheap price, which explains alot. It was so cheap and it doesnt even work right. One key return, headless mode, you name it. Right when you push the left throttle up, it either goes to the side, or the other. According to logic and non-cheapness, it should go straight up.

  4. I'm very very unsure which drone to get but I finally found two drones I think I will love but I'm not sure which one to get which drone do you think is better over all the XK X250 or JXD 509G?? please answer thank you


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