FQ777 FQ02W Folding FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This long flying FPV folding camera quadcopter is easily transportable in its folded position. Find it here Pro’s – Comes with a velvet carrying case for transportability…


  1. Not that the quality of the camera is great, but I did notice that there is zero jello effect on the video. did you do any modifications to the camera mount, or does it film like that out if the box?

  2. Well, this one hit all my 'triggers to avoid' .. all in one go. Lousy camera (we could hardly define a tree, much less an RC airplane flying several hundred yards away), Wi-fi FPV (good for 20-25 yards at best), proprietary battery, brushed motors on a big quad, and folding arms which require locking mechanisms to keep them extended. It does fly fairly well, and has decent flight time, but those are about its only strong points. Again, camera buttons on the TX which do nothing, and you can't record video except to your phone/tablet. Perhaps if they make a plain version, with nothing on it, it would be a good candidate to carry up an 808 camera or a Mobius Mini .. at least then you'd have some usable video (or pictures). I looked to see if they have different versions of this, but it appears this wi-fi version is all they have .. maybe they will come out with additional models later. Thanks for the review .. glad you didn't get soaked this time by those sprinklers. I guess with all the rain they've had out your way, all the watering bans are now gone. Cheers.

  3. 6:24
    The RC plane came into view

    @Quadcopter101, do you ever get them days where you really feel you can't be bothered go flying? (Because you'd rather have the phantom out instead of the smaller brushed quads)
    It appears that your weather is almost perfect for flying every day, here we have up to 32 mph wind gusts and rain. Your weather comes from sprinkler systems lol!

  4. What is the point of having a camera on these if they quality is terrible? It seems like the past few years has seen many new features like altitude lock, gps, and fpv. The camera though, looks like the first generation quadcopters with cameras from 5 years ago.


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