FQ777 918C Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This clone of the Syma X5C has many parts that are interchangeable with the X5C. Yet it has has headless mode and one key return, which the X5C does not. Find it here with $3 coupon code ZFEXPYCN…


  1. That was such good information in regards to taking the blade guards off when flying outside…I just lost a drone to a very tall tree. A big wind picked up, and before I could do anything it was caught in a trap….I can't walk out , cause I need it to much….oops, got carried away…anyways I will have to wait until the leaves fall….Or find someone with a very long latter….

    Always enjoy your reviews….. Thanks +Quadcopter101

  2. I just started getting into drones and I am completely overwhelmed at the number of choices 🙂

    You fly an impressive number of drones and I very much appreciate your reviews! Would you by any chance consider dropping maybe a monthly comparison video with a winner of your choice?

  3. + Quadcopter 101 although it's a pain fro me that more and more companies are cloning and upgrading the X5C as the X5C does not have one key return and headless mode, it is handy to have more options for interchangeability of spares and a greater scope for customisation. I think the props look cool btw and I like the black profile against the sky.
    Does this quad actually have a chassis made from a rubber type material or is it just coated plastic?
    At the end of the day, all these companies are Chinese so this can only be good in terms of price, quality and feature competitiveness.
    I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to afford a quadcopter which performs in the same way with the same reliability as my X5C-1 if it was developed and manufactured here in the UK.

  4. bro can you please tell me which drone I should get? I'm a first time flyer I want to be able to use my phone to see through the camera in it. and I want a decent one to begin with please give me advice soon as possible as I want to order one now.

  5. I inadvertently got a clone of a Syma X5C-1, but it seems to fly good and has better flying time than advertised. Love your videos, am following your plan, flying lessons from your site, then an X8C or X8W and an 808 keychain camera. Keep em coming.

  6. Have we had enough x5c clones by now, what is it 6 or 7? I have no idea what one is better or has the best performance or features by now, they are all a blur in my mind. I couldn't help but notice no range test or battery life test done today seems you are bored of them. I can hardly blame you but I am still watching… Is a run off competition likely?

  7. Boy, I wish I had a "C note" for every X5C clone there is out there … I could buy myself a DJI Inspire 1 .. ha ha! Price is pretty close to "the real thing", and with the dubious qualities of "headless mode" & "one key return", I think a better bargain is a BNF X5C with an X8C TX (ymmv). Maybe some people will like the "stealthy black" of this bird. Thanks for the review! Cheers.

  8. Not a lover of the Syma series anyway, I have had a bad experience with those quadcopters , I currently own a Cheerson CX-33W, Explorer X31-0 ( which I will be soon selling) a JJRC H26W and a RED5 Q4 Nano quadcopter!


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