FPV Racing Drone RTF Kit Review | Force1RC DYS XDR220 Quadcopter Unboxing


This is a review on the AMAZING completely ready to fly kit from force1rc! Check it out and BUY IT NOW HERE! use the code DRONECAM for 10% off!


  1. I'm new so the issue was getting the drone armed and theirs not one vid on that or the googles configiring the drone…lol! ima make one later..but I figured it out..unfortunately I was in my house n it went straight up to my celinng..already 3 propellers shot and anttena has nicks..lesson learned…

  2. Hey Camron, I need a little help w the XDR DYS 220 I got at USA Toys. I am having 5.8 transmission issues. I know the button on the bottom f the drone changes the channel from 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. But how di I change from A,B,C D, E ???? And also, I noticed that the led changes from blue to red and vis versa. What does that mean?????? Thanks buddy.


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