FPV Racing Drone Review – Rotor X Atom 120 – Storm Edition


The Atom FPV 120 micro FPV racing drone is a small, agile and durable little quadcopter. It features brushless motors powered by …


  1. Hey Man, I am A new subscriber to you page and just have a quick question. I just ordered the new Loki SX from storm. I have had many race drones from may different Co. but don't know much about Storm. Are they a good company?? Do they sell quality products? and have you heard anything about the loki SX drone?? Cant find anything on youtube. Thanks man!

  2. so I have a question for you do you recommend this drone and what receiver can I use with this because I don't have a receiver the only receiver I have is my Devo 7e I don't think that's compatible I don't have a Spektrum radio so I need the ready to fly version what would you recommend I would appreciate all your help thank you sir

  3. are you at beginner at flying drones if you crashed it that many times it tells me you're a beginner to fly because I've only been in the hobby three years and I've never crashed any of my drone yet, not putting you down brother but you need more practice the RC sailors do a better job sorry bro

  4. You gave this quad a 5 out of 10? I have this same quad with 1306 motors on it. Its a pocket rocket that is super fun to fly. The battery issue is yours alone. The battery strap goes through the slots in the base plate no need to wrap two battery straps around it like that. This quad deserved a 10 out of 10. RotorX has improved it even more with that later versions, but even this V1 model is worthy of anybodies money. Great quad. I fly it more then my Element 5 inch now.

  5. IV got to second the comments on the battery strap. they give you two in case you break one. the two slots on the bottom plate towards the outside edge are for the strap. if you wind it right, the sticky rubber side of the strap will contact the battery all the way around and will not require going under the flight controller or around the entire body. It threads in there funny but perfectly.

  6. I just really dont like rtf kits. this kit is meant to be assembled. the motors leads are horribly exposed, and the camera is upside down. smh, I have this model and I love it but it has to be built because the lack of space.

  7. What kind of flight time did you get and were you flying with default settings? Thanks, enjoyed your video. BTW any recommendations for a small, Dependable mini quad? I don't like to "build" but enjoy FPV flying.

  8. Emm, srlsly….no way of charging a lipo?…..I don't know…maybe 2 small cables inserted into the connector…just…….yea, ready set fail. Otherwise good review.

  9. 419 dollars. You must be kidding me! And I dont think the QC is too good. I always think if you are going to fly miniquads, best is making your own setup. That plug n play stuff flooding the market is just too expensive and nearly always on the rubbish side of things.

  10. This is Jacky from HeliPal.com and may I take this opportunity to apology as our team made such incident for sending you a drone with incomplete setup. The one should be a samples from R&D team instead of production one but we really made a mistake and sorry again for the inconvenience caused.

    We are highly concern of this and may I bother you to contact us for details so we can arrange replacement to resolve this issue. Thanks again for your support all the time!

  11. Whoa wait, after re-watching I noticed the image flip issue is not as simple as flipping the camera, I don't use OSD but I noticed how it's upside down while the image is right side up, while your goggles are upside down! IM all kinds of lost lol!

  12. I have a V1 and it is a BLAST much much more agile than my 200's, but I still love my 220… suckie on the xt30… I built mine with 60's. The camera might have been mounted upside down, if that is the case that is another bummer but an easy fix I hope. They are pretty rugged but I recently broke an arm on my 3mm carbon frame version. Also someone noted to run the strap through the frame and I agree with their suggestion! Good luck and great video!


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