FPV Drone News – HappyModel Mobula 7 HD V2? SailFly-X | Q&A FPV


Weekly FPV News for April 22nd 2019 – There are new releases, updates, and FPV daily so let us know what you are interested in. If you have any questions for …


  1. I think you will be missing out on the no receiver sailfly! This is a more advanced way faster quad and only having a 300m range won’t do you much good. Notice how many times it’s sold out on other sites. Plus using crossfire or a xm+ with a better vtx is the way it should marketed.
    I really really really wish Happymodel would change the crazybee f4 pro to a
    8amp to 10amp setup, with a slightly better receiver all in one board, I think that would be the sweet spot for there 1102 motors! That power to weight ratio is what we need especially with the King Kong 65mm props! Happymodel has been one of my favorites since the beginning! And trust me I have been into rc for 37 years and am still having fun trying the next best Combination.

  2. I used those 65mm KK props(SailFly-X)on my brushed quads.They fly great. They should be fun on a brushless(if you can keep 'em on). Your audio sounds much better in this vid.

  3. Based on the luck I have with my modular 7 I don't think I'll be purchasing another happymodel ever again. First flight cable from camera board to camera got mangled by the prop while trying to use turtle mode. As far as I know GH guys are still waiting to hear back from happymodel on that. Had another caddex in my old wizard I don't fly anymore. I used that cable. about my third or fourth flight in one of my motors stopped working. Thought I burnt one out so i found some online and ordered them. After replacing the motor I found out it was my ESC that was burnt out. Bought a new board for the mod 7 HD. Put that in yesterday. Today I went to fly the mod 7 and props randomly fly off. Pretty much like inductrix fpv plus.

  4. Another great video guys. The Sailfly once again is a manufacture making what the drone community has been modding. Always good to see companies giving us what we want.


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