FPV Drone Component Breakdown [FC, ESC, Motors, Camera, VTX, Frame…]


Learn to FPV Episode 3 What’s in a FPV drone? This episode of Learn to FPV breaks down each component, explaining the function and things that you should …


  1. Man, this is EXACTLY what I needed to see. As long time DJI pilot I’ve found myself insanely bored flying. As a result pushing a DJI to go against it’s purpose (cinema-esk photography) can be quite expensive three gimbles /two cameras/landing gear/and multiple props later… wa-la, FPV snaps onto my radar!
    Thanks for getting this info out there. You’ve really helped ‘This Guy’ start to make informed decisions on my soon to make purchases. Be flying with you soon!

  2. Thanks this was the most direct video I've found and I appreciate your time! I just ordered a taranis qx 7 radio and plan to practice on a simulator to start. I want to get into fpv, but so far it's been a lot of time trying to understand all you need and what to buy so thanks for plainly laying it out.


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