Flytecs – X-Drone Nano – Review and Flight


This is my review of the Flytecs X-Drone Nano quadcopter. This is basically another rebranding of the Landbow X-Dart NEXT (or JJ R/C 1000A), with prop …


  1. hi there, I wanna ask you whats the mini or micro drone that flys for more then 5 minutes, whats the drone that as best autonomy, I wanna by one, but one that can fly for some time, waiting 45 minutes to charge for 5 minutes its so frustrating!

  2. What do I do if my drone (same model) if it does not fly it is still blowing and the wings are still turning I think the wings are blowing the air up how do I make them lift the drone up…?

  3. my dad and i bought a broken one at a fair for 10€ because my dad needed the spare propellers for another airplane and we were really skeptical about repairing it but since my dad is an electronic engineer (and it has been flying rc planes for like 40 years now) we checked the drone and luckily the only broken part is a motor… we ordered a new motor for super cheap. since my dad is not in to drones i'm going to keep it, i hope the motor arrives as soon as possible 😀

  4. I have the xdrone HD and recently changed all the propellers. I did them in the correct order, but the drone will not lift off even at full power. Looks to be make the wrong force on its self. Any suggestion to fix this problem?

  5. I bought the same thing in white but I returned it because there are to many buttons and I think that its to complicated .                                                                                                   P.S: I bought this Nano drone and I bought it from the showcase . I think that the Nano drone is awesome when you know how to use it.


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