Flying the Sky Viper Video Drone (v2900PRO)


Fly Fast. Fly Fearless. Fly Sky Viper! SHOOT VIDEO LIKE A PRO! STREAM & RECORD IN HIGH-DEF: Stream in 720p โ€“ Record in 1080p RESPONSIVE …


  1. your cell phone disconnects from the damn thing once you take it up so high but when you fly it was just a controller with no cell phone it goes up a lot higher something about the app blocks it from going to high and gives it issues to be honest this thing has a lot of issues that need to be worked out once they are worked out this can be one badass drone

  2. this thing is so hard to control this is the second one I went through the first one I had two days and crashed it and the motor stopped working I took the motors apart and all the motors work individually I can't figure it out it has to be the motherboard because all of the wires are connected to the motherboard to the wire no solder points are broke so I don't get it I couldn't figure it out so I got another one and the GPS hold sucks dick when you hit Auto Land it comes down so hard it bounces it's not a very good flyer at all they need to give it a software update to fix all of the bugs I wouldn't recommend spending $250 on this drone literally this is the second one I went through oh and the landing gear they break real easy one is already starting to crack on my new one the prop guards break super easy to and for some reason it gives me problems going forward sometimes it wobbles a lot in the sky even on a non windy day it is very sensitive as soon as you hit the throttle or any direction it wants to just go that way so fast you have to have a very light thumb on the joysticks

  3. This drone sucks do not buy it. When i first got it i plunged it in and it stared to smoke.Due to there harebell customer service it took 3 months to get a new one. when i open the new one and went to fly it. It lost concoction and landed on the roof. DONT BUY

  4. oh yeah and Skyrocket toys know that they put a bunk ass product on the market you will get a dumbass response if he email the support team for help they will tell you it has to be in auto mode to get GPS signal we all know that do not buy this garbage like I said it's okay if you disconnect the GPS and get it for $100 or less

  5. this drone is a piece of s*** do not buy it if you do buy it make sure that you get it for $100 after that disconnect the GPS and you will have a somewhat decent drone because the camera is halfway decent other than that if you are looking for a GPS hold drone do not buy this

  6. Well, I hope that Sky Viper/Sky Rockets inc finally will own up to their devices. Because CUSTOMER SERVICE/SUPPORT is full of it and as much as you pay for the 2900PRO drone, you, I, could've saved a few more dollars a bought a REAL working Drone, such as a PARROT BeBop….and receive customer support along with REAL WORKING GPS. Sorry for the RANT but have been through HELL with this product and on the 3rd unit with different issues as the last..

  7. I don't know how they can call it video pro when there's no image stabilization built in at all. I give Sky Viper credit for taking onย Hubsan, but they're just not quite there yet with the pro-series in my opinion.

  8. So, I did everything, I get about 10 GPS satellites, but yet GPS hold has never turned on. How the hell do I turn it on? Why is this so damn hard to stabilize? Skyrocket Toys, please tell me how to turn on that darn GPS Hold.

  9. How do you turn the GPS hold to ON… I did everything you said and as soon as hit I auto launch it go's up about a foot and it rapidly flys to the left… crashing to a wall!!! Thanks


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