Flying over Omaha, NE, USA – HD Photography Drone


A beautiful Autumn morning in October 2016 in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. Shot with a DJI Phantom 3 drone.


  1. I need a spotter! I feel completely vulnerable to all kinds of bad things when I have my attention glued to my screen while flying. Any shady character could walk up and blindside me or just harass me putting my safety and my drone at risk. If you live in Omaha and would like to hang out while I do some flying and filming let me know! I guess I can't post my email address here but i think you can leave your email in a reply or personal msg.

  2. Omaha has a pretty neat skyline. I was there back in August and flew some of this same park, the fountain and a few buildings as well. I am a called the tower at the airport and they were very nice and told me to have fun. Just not to go on the other side of the river as that was more in a landing pattern area. I am still a hobbyist but know the rules pretty well. If you are a part 107 then you can fly 400ft above the tallest building's as long as your are within 400ft from it. But as a hobbyist I'm not sure this is true. But as long as you called the airport before hand most of flight should have been fine. Just the altitude question.

  3. I live in Omaha. There's nothing worth seeing here. Try not to fall asleep from this video; many have. Maybe it'll zoom in on the hustlers & bums we have downtown? I'm moving from this state first chance I get. Taxes are in the stratosphere; panhandlers at every red light; a downtown no one wants to come to, especially after dark; a mayor with her head up her ass; I could go on, but you get the idea…..

  4. People with drones and fly like this give the hobby a bad name . . Need to know your regulations and rules or screw many others from lack of following federal laws and regulations


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