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  1. Technnnnicaallllly this would count as "furtherance of a business" so this is NOT considered hobby flying….just saying. Indirect or direct…still furtherance of a business law counts for this.

  2. It's too bad this video is no longer relevant. The FAA has limited drone flying even more now. Heliports are now considered Airports and flying within 5 miles now requires permission rather than notification. So in effect no more hobby flying within 5 miles of any airport or heliport which essentially will blanket all cities with no-fly zones.

  3. Love this video but the info. is wrong. They're not flying for "fun" as it seems it's in furtherance of a business.

    Having said that, I'd like to fly a nice drone off a boat then post the footage to YouTube. Jealousy!!

  4. Because the new breed of drones are soooo F'ing easy to fly, folks with no RC experience are doing irresponsible things…thus pissing off the FAA…which of course is resulting in regulations affecting all of us!!
    Thanks to these folks for operating their drone in a respectful manner and not creating a disturbance!!

  5. How to fly a sUAS legally… follow the freaking rules.

    How to get the FAA off your ass… follow the freaking rules.

    How NOT to make the life of those who follow the rules harder…. stop doing stupid shit for the sake of YouTube views and follow the fucking rules.

    I’m a fan of your channel but everything the FAA has brought to you, you’ve brought upon yourself. Ideally, with how much influence you have on people with your channel, you should have taught people to always follow the rules and regulations when flying drones and that way most people would be conscious about it and hopefully the FAA wouldn’t get more strict about sUAS

  6. Very interesting video. I'm out on Long Island but plan to fly in NYC by the walking bridge in Highbridge Park this summer. I was born in Manhatten…68 years old now and never been to the Statue of Liberty. Hopefully this summer we will get there. I have a P4. Very nice Inspire. I subscribed to your channel, please recipricate.

  7. I love the Casey Neistat drone vidoes over NY. I hate that the FAA rules regarding drones have evolved over the years. For those who love big government and all its intrusions into our freedom for "safety reasons", I say wake up. I think its ridiculous that you cant fly a freakin drone in NY. Every day our freedoms in America are diminishing.


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