Flying a drone in the UK: What you need to know


Drones of all shapes and sizes will be popular Christmas presents this year, but while some of the most dramatic videos are shot by flying over skyscrapers and …


  1. I fly in the local park over the playing fields, as long as your sensible and keep it in the empty spaces the park keepers turn a blind eye to it, the police have spoken to me and more or less said the same thing, just be careful and keep it over the playing fields when there not in use. This is in Barking and Dagenham. There is a legal loophole as model aircraft are banned but a drone is a UAV and not a model of any aircraft. The playing fields are categorised as open spaces so technically there not a park. Common sense flying is a must people.

  2. Good video touched the basics without taking sides. I have read lots of good comments and some bad ones too. Too many selfish people incapable of seeing the big picture. For those of you oblivious of state of the world uk is not the worst place to own a drone but unless you get a licence all you'll be filming legally is inside your own home because if you rent the state agent might get you evicted and even then the neighbours might report you. In a country where everyone got a finger up their arses you only get away with shit if get busy using both hands if you are lawful then you might as well stop breathing because you'll never escape the claws of untitled small minded people listening through doors with a glass and then telling on you because the TV is too loud on a Saturday afternoon. the blood suckers join in yet again to rob you of any joy and money you might have spare. As it stands now, we either sell our gear to those who can afford a licence and permits and insurance and annual renewals and dealing with all the forms you have to fill in and archive and the extra responsibilities of knowing more than the rest, or we put ourselves through a world of pain with cops,courts and an unjust system. Big money rolling in so they need to convince everybody to do the legwork for them, irresponsible teenagers, congested Skye's, terrorists,drug dealers and basically anyone that can potentially either earn a living using a drone or could jeopardise public safety and everybody just gobble it up and turn against each other and everybody gets tax slammed just for the sake of fairness. 1500 plus the most advanced drone money can buy and you still need permission for areal work and especially zones and to bypass some of the code now in place such as flying over towns and near landmarks,and pray that when that permission comes the English weather is not too English then you have insurance for 500 plus and renewal every year on top of laws that came out of a comic book and you are good to go for a full on heart attack. I just would like to thank the farmers which don't mind too much for now or else we would have a place to fly at all if we follow every rule as the courts intended. It's like everyone understands you are not crazy but they put a straight jacket on you anyway just because they can. That's the law now and the challenges have only now begun.luckly I have a very simple solution for all the cockup.

  3. I downloaded their app to see if there were any restrictions in my area. Turns out because there is an airport 20 miles away from my house, there is a big red zone over the entire where I live. I'd say covering 100 square miles. Completely stupid rules. Basically gives the police the ability to stop anyone flying any drone for any reason.

  4. Surely if you fly a drone indoors it would be within 50 meters of a building unless it's huge. So can the CAA prosecute you for posting a video of you flying in your kitchen?

  5. Use your common sense in not endangering a person or animal or invading their privacy and you'll be fine, the strict rules are for those that have very little or no common sense.

  6. CAA need to relax the rules with respect to flying something like a Phantom over buildings, this would bring our laws in line with US laws which are far less restrictive. Because we're not allowed to fly even close to a building, this seriously limits where and how we can fly when otherwise no harm is being done.

  7. I was innocently walking along a beach today and told a drone user he shouldn't be filming over the top of people including me and was told to F*** off as I was a Nosey Cow that knew nothing at all.  He then continued to buzz his drone to annoy me further as I walked on.  These are the people that give legit drone users a bad name. Sorry but I called the police!

  8. To my knowledge, no drone has ever hit or caused damage to an aircraft. The biggest threat to aircraft is other aircraft, increasingly busy skies and migratory birds.. People have been flying their rc craft for years, not a dickey bird from the authorities, but put a little camera on it and OMG drones are dangerous.

  9. no matter what, people who have ill intentions will not follow the rules anyway its the same with uk gun laws its the law abiding people who suffer
    they can put as many rules in place as they like but terrorists ect will do as they want anyway.


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