Flying 3D X8 GPS Telemetry Drone Review


This GPS quadcopter can not only fly itself home, but also transmits flight data back to it controller. You can read battery power, range, speed, GPS location, and other data while in flight….


  1. my first flight crash pulled wires out of GPS I didnt know flew it called on Return to home,
    major crash. mainly due gps poor connection. I wish the workman ship gave a hoot.
    Like the quad alot very expensive one flight.

  2. Great bird indeed. Would you suggest a nice monitor to use with this flyer and the cam you linked above? Thanks in advance and thanks for all your reviews, nice entertainment for me! 🙂

    Greetings from Sicily.

  3. I can't decide between the 3d x8 and the xk detect are there any pros or cons other than telemetry that i should look into. If you could help me on this is would be great.

  4. hello quad 101 i just buy this machine,,first i wanna buy the detect x380 but i know its have a lot of prblms,,this is the best choice i buy the Flying 3d x8 gps,,,dont u think????

  5. Cleophus Robinson
    March 15, 2016 – 20:54:46
    I have a flying 3d x8 quadcopter which is my first quad. Hadn’t been able to find anywhere to download firmware or updates.
    Quadcopter cuts off @ 95% power.
    Don’t know how to change parameters.
    No fun Please Help. battery power cuts off at 10.8

  6. what would be the extra battery i need to purchase? Please send me a link or description as i do not understand the battery specs yet still an amateur. It took a month in a half for it to arrive put i have not yet opened it. Thank you

  7. I just got it for $150 plus Shipping so $185 and haven't flown it yet. Glad you liked it! Also got a used Blade QX 350 which seems more complicated. Glad that the Telemetry on the 3D X8 is so handy.

  8. QC101 —- Between the XK Detect X380 and the Flying 3D X8 and Flying 3D X6 — how would you rate them?
    I am leaning toward the X380 but I would like some telemetry – I have a Mobius camera and an 808-#16 – my goal is to take cool video's but my #1 goal is to NOT LOSE the Quadcopter to Hungry Oregon Trees !!! —– Which one is easier to connect a gimbal to? AND if I haven't thought of one – please bring it up — thank you !!!

  9. Quadcopter 101 – I am looking to pick up a GPS unit — Originally looking at the Hubsan H501S but it is out of stock everywhere. It WAS being advertised for $219 at a few places and has FPV – GPS and other features. NOW – it is starting to show up but people are advertising it at as much as $499 and the least I can find it for is $350 — SO I am looking at the New Flying 3D on Amazon for $245 – but it says it is "OSD VERSION MODE 2" — what the heck does that mean? —

  10. Hey there, never get tired of your videos. I started out with the syma x8 didn't know what I was getting into, but I can fly it ok now. I ordered one of the flying 3D's can't wait till it gets here the Alt. hold is a big plus-$147.00 at Gear Best

  11. I have a JJ rc tarantula x6, and I was wearing a magnetic necklace when I was flying it one day.copter decided to take off all by itself.manage to get it back after it crashed.ever since then never did work the same.could the magnetic necklace have caused my problem?

  12. I have watched most of your videos and was wondering if you could simply give me a suggestion on which quad to buy.
    What is the best bang for the buck. I have looked for hours on Gearbest and just get more and more confused!
    I want to be in the $150-250 range and like the features of GPS, return to home, low voltage protection, position hold, gimble

    It seems there are a ton of quads out there in this price range with these features. Please help me pick on that combines these and at great price. Thanks for your advise!

  13. My brother got one and thinks without modifying, you can fit a 22.0mm x 40.0mm x 130.0mm battery. Also, he had it shipped, Priority Mail USPS and the remote top left switch arrived broken off. Lid isn't designed well, flat instead of molded shape to protect sensitive areas. Evidently someone put rather heavy load on it during shipment. I want one, but wonder if I can get the seller to add some simple extra protection under the lid? Will contact them.

  14. Thanks for the video! I just got into quad-copters and I always find it a welcome relief when I see the tell tale desert background of your videos in the video review sections. Always in depth and very informative, you earned my subscription! Keep up the awesome work!

  15. I am fighting between this and the XKDetect X380.  I like the telemetry of this and it's a hair cheaper but I like the looks of the x380 better and my gut tells me that the x380 is higher quality (don't ask why I have this impression, I don't know)Which one would you choose? I have a Hubsan x4 which is fun to fly inside and now I'm looking at my first outdoor quad so I'm not a total newbie. Any advise appreciated.  Thanks!!

  16. Hi asked this question to you somewhere else but don't think it made sense…
    If I got the fpv version of this quad then bought the telemetry remote would it do both ? I thought it was strange they don't sell a version that does both !

  17. Really interested in this Flying 3D X8. Would really appreciate if you would tell me the dimensions of the 5000MaH battery. The model of the battery, and best place to buy, also I know 10C / 20C have to do with discharge rate. Does that mean 10C has a better rate, with slower discharge? Thanks, Quadcopter 101, you're my #1 reviewer. My first choice when checking out a quad…

  18. You did the return to landing without adjusting for the fact that you changed your start point when you stopped and turned on the camera.
    So in essence it did return to the actual start point just not the initial start up point.

  19. hey quadcopter 101 thanks for sharing the link just got a good deal on this copter…If you hear about good deals on a gimble and cam keep us updated .. love the videos as well.. keep'em flying …


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