Flite Test – Stingray 500 – OVERVIEW


This is some 3D action that truly needs to be seen! This unreal quad was designed and built by Curtis Youngblood who made the trek from Texas to show off this …


  1. The single stick radio from back in the day was referred to as a "Cuddle Box" because you would actually cuddle the transmitter in your arm like you were holding a baby. The throttle was a slider on the side of the box, so the arm that was cuddling the transmitter would control the throttle and the other hand on the single stick. I've been to and flown with Curtis at many events, he is one of the best in the business he is actually one of the main reasons I got into flying helicopters and doing FAI/FC3. And he is a super nice guy to boot!

  2. What a awkward video, and the hearts showing men's emotions doesn't work unless you are Gay! Almost ruined the video. Cool drone but what a awkward video to watch…

  3. No explanation of stick directions ! When inverted does it auto reverse everything or is it all backwards? Push left to roll left and inverted it's the same right? Wish they would have explained it.

  4. Then WLToys copied it and sold it cheaply, they didn't carry spares, even props. When you crashed the copied Stingray, it was fit for the bin.
    China killed any prospects of this cool quad making it.

  5. And, where is the Stingray now?  Totally dead.  Reversing motor quads killed that overly complex and fragile machine.  And, motor reversing quads still aren't even popular in 2017…

  6. Wow, look at miniquads now! ZoeFPV, 3Ding all over the place! Multirotors have come so far, from when Chad Kapper and David Windestal first did tricopters. Love to watch the old content sometimes…


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