FLIR Duo thermal drone camera – Day and Night test with Full Review


Unboxing, setup, app overview – SKIP TO: Duo/GoPro size comparison at 1:47, DAY test at 7:33, NIGHT test at 8:26, Conclusion at 12:16 Will this camera meet …


  1. XT Camera does Not work on the Inspire 2. Why did they not change the name. the have terrable customer service too. It will will never happen for the i2 as everyone says that wonderful XT camera runs on a different platform. Don't purchase a Inspire 2 if you want thermal imaging with the XT. The fools!

  2. Can you do a drone night test when the temperature is between 75 and 85, to see if it works at all.  Its hot in Florida at least half the year.  BTW I'm not looking to find people, rather animals…

  3. Great idea but poorly executed and utter rip off for something that is unusable…….yes UNUSABLE!

    all you would be armchair SAR guys please don't start making all sorts of daft and sometimes dangerous capability claims.

  4. resolutions are not meant to be 720 or even 1080. Not even close. I use that Duo on our search and rescue team. It's a wonder here in Alaska where minutes may as well be days in -20C.

  5. Please, no-one at home use a rubber band to hold that camera on. A rubber band will dry out and snap from heat and sun. At least use a velcro strap in addition to the rubber band.

  6. Were you able to live stream the images to your VR setup? I'm trying to figure out how to do it. Called Flir and they said it can't be done, but it looked like you were able to make it work. Thanks.


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