Flexify Camera Drone For Aerial Filming Unboxing and Maiden Flight


This is Flexify Camera Drone, a Folding backpack Quadcopter for Aerial filming, small payload carrying and payload release / transfer. Produced by a company …


  1. Hi… I got this drone last December and tried a couple of flights with it. It was a bit wobbly in strong winds… but then, I flew it in winds that had gusts beyond the recommended range. :p

    I must say the drone performed admirably considering the weather conditions.

    I had a slight "incident" when landing as it was doing an RTL… then right at the point when it was about to touch down, a strong wind gust hit it and blew it into one of our citrus plants. The flexify was unharmed but the citrus plant was pruned properly. :p

    Question now. Can you do multiple waypoints using the app? I have not seen anything about this online or in the manual.

    Appreciate your help.


  2. Well, I got reply from Infinity Hobby, if anyone's interested:
    Hi David,

    We got your inquiry from the manufacturer. Here comes our reply to your questions :

    1. The flight time with maximum payload is about 9~10 minutes. Just we generally suggest maximum 0.8 kg payload as the ESCs might be overheated especially in warm area (with higher temperature).

    2. Yes, we can supply extra mounting plate per request. Actually the kit does come with a spare mounting plate. Or you can also consider Flexify gimbal adapter plate 3+1.5mm/set [F003] if you see fit. Here comes the product link for further detail :

    3. The Flexify is available now (RTF kit @$399USD, or RTF combo with gimbal @$459USD). You can purchase Flexify from our website directly. Here comes the link :

    Flexify RTF Collapsible quad! -copter (Worldwide Free Shipping) [Flexify]

    Flexify RTF quad-copter + Camera Gimbal Combo (Worldwide Free Shipping) [Flexify_cb1]

    or (in case you live in Contiguous US) :
    Flexify RTF Collapsible quad-copter (US Free Shipping) [USFlexify]

    Flexify RTF + Camera Gimbal Combo (US Free Shipping)[USFlexify_cb1]

    Spare and optional parts,

    Feel free to let us know if you have further question.

    Infinity Hobby

  3. I'm considering getting one of these but I'd like to see your test again once you put the gimbal on. Could you do that sooner than later? Also, how come it doesn't need any compass calibration? I can't find anything regarding calibration in the manual either.


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