Flash Portraits at Night – BUDGETOGRAPHY


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  1. Matt I love how you built up from simple concepts of aperature/shutter speed/ISO and bringing up or darkening the background to slower shutter speeds and background blur for great effects! This video definitely shows that you can get some really nice images from practically any camera as long as you know how to control light!! I'm really enjoying this Budgetography series!

  2. Even if ridiculed in the comments, the D3000 was my first digital Nikon DSLR and most of my Prints on the wall are from that camera … and even after 9 years now it's in my car with a longer lens and charged as a backup for if I come across something I can't capture with my phone.

  3. Only the close-up photos with flash either on or off, the model is sharp, otherwise, they are all out of focus. Why? Was it foggy at the time or the lens is of inferior quality? Do you have a say on that Matt. Thanks for an interesting and useful vid. mate.

  4. I would argue that if a photographer is truly broke, they won't be using any lenses that open up to f/1.8. They'd be using the really old AF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens. How would this shoot have gone differently if that's the lens you limited yourself to?


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