Fixing my Striker 2.4GHz 4.5CH Camera RC Spy Drone propeller gear


I had a propeller stop working early in owning my RC Striker Spy drone. I fixed it. After posting a video on my Striker it happened again. Then someone …


  1. Hi, For those who have Striker or Striker Glow In The Dark drones, please do not order any parts from Hobbytrondotcom. They are a joke. I ordered a transmitter and motherboard. Guess what, they came together in a plastic bag and the wires from motherboard for quad motors was cutted! do not purchase any products from Hobbytron ever.

  2. Mine has a broken gear tooth. I need a new gear set, and probably for the two front/red rotors, as the other one makes a sound it never has before after my brothers crashed it.

  3. Drone got hung up on a bush with props turning out of range of transmitter and now one motor is making a squealing noise and seems to be rotating faster than the other props. New motor or new gears or both? Thanks for any help.

  4. The same thing happened to my striker. The motor pushed up and the gear to the front left got completely chewed. Since replacement gears for these drones are expensive and take shipping time, I just went through a box of old toys and found a gear that fit perfectly, trimmed off the excess plastic with nail clippers (Scissors don't work and a Dremel is overkill) and it slipped in and worked perfectly. Now where did I place my battery charger?

  5. hello i got a drone but it went to the roof and the impact caused the motor get stuck, but it isnt the same drone but it does have the same motor and it is called the protocol air

  6. my striker has been crashed 100s of times its been crashed into a pool……twice. and I have had to repair two motors and it has been dropped from the sky and crashed into the woods twice. After all of that….it still flies. now ductape is my bestfriend


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