First-Time Drone Buyer’s Advice in 4K UltraHD


DJI Phantom 2 Order – The DJI Phantom 2 is arguably the best aerial platform for video and photo. You can find the DJI Phantom 2, …


  1. Hiya, after watching many many videos of the phantom 2 vision plus I decided to treat myself and bought one. I'm having so much fun with it that I wish I bought it ages ago. I love flying it with way points.
    My only concern is when I'm flying it keeps saying "control signal lost“ which makes me very nervous. Does this mean I'm flying at risk or is it not that serious.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Bebop technology way ahead of DJI and you fail to mention European drone legislation recognition by Parrot who have made us a drone you are permitted to fly <30 altitude in UK cities over people.  Why do you oversimplify?

  3. Merely constructive criticism here IG, but the constant "check the link within this video's description" references (6 times in this video alone) gets maddening at times!


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