First impression: Autel’s Evo drone video quality (4K @ 30 fps).


Six months after I first got my hands on the Autel Evo at CES 2018, I finally got the opportunity to fly it. It’s not because I was busy flying other drones… but it’s …


  1. thank you, straight to the video quality instead of gibberish BS talking like the rest of the youtubers who are reviewing this product right now! take more footage on your next video pls. thanks in advance!

  2. It still has that stinky little sensor just like the Mavic and Air. For the price Autel wants, no. I'll wait till technology gets cheaper and these drones have better image sensors than a cheap point and shoot camera.

  3. Everyone is using P4P for commercial applications. What does the P4P offer over an Evo or a Mavic for these applications?
    I was going to get a P4P but they are big and loud!


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