Rotor X Atom V3 review. This little 3 inch micro fpv racing drone it going to be INSANE becasue it can run a 5S battery. That means crazy speeds. This could well …


  1. I can't believe you people crying about the price. No YOU can not build a better one cheaper. YOU can build a cheaper one cheaper that's it. A base Corvette will be close to a Ferrari on the track but is it better? Only at how much Budweiser you can put in the back. Yes some of the cheap stuff in this hobby is getting pretty decent but the best will be the best and at a different price, level of quality, and performance, period. Buy a Lizard for $109 and you get the cheapest China built corvette possible, this one costs $400 if you prefer the Ferrari.

  2. Hi Stew,
    Love your video's. Building my own first quad at the moment. But……. I can't fly! I have no experience with a quad or radio at the moment. Bought also a sym so can practice. However I'm a bit afraid to go flying with my quad. Building a 4S battery quad with 2600kV motors ( racerstar). I afraid it is to fast to start. Yes I know that I could ave started with 3S and 2200kV motors etc etc. But, well you know I guess.
    Is is possible to downgrade a racing quad with Bataflight/CLeanflight so the max potencial won't come out yet? So downgrade my quad in Cleanflight so I can get used to flighing it and than go full scale with te same quad. Or do you have better idea's


  3. Depends of FC but you can't always connect IBUS to SBUS port. If there is built in, fixed inverter IBUS wont work. Choose other UART if you can't disable inverter and it will work.

  4. G'dayyyy Stu… love your vids and you definitely keep me broke. I've been looking for a review on the new Eachine EV100 Goggles. I don't suppose you've seen a set? I think they look good on paper but would love someone to review them before pulling the trigger on them. Hopefully they send you a set to try.

  5. Seems kind of crazy to have a 4 inch quad with one of those silly little CMOS cameras. I really wish they'd designed the big one to work with the micro Runcam. Great move to make a 4 inch version though

  6. Just getting into the sport, I'm trying to keep the budget of my entire setup between $200-$300. I know Stew has made videos exactly on builds at those price points, but I'm willing to pay a little more if it means getting better value parts. The frame I'm going with is the Lisam LS-210, can someone give me a recommendation for a good value FPV camera? I've already figured out my controller and propellers, but I wouldn't mind some recommendations on FPV goggles and motors as well.

  7. Anyone building any non-racers? I want to up the flight time for exploration and grid searching on a DIY build but not sure how to get that time out of it. Youtube guides all seem to be about racers. Would just using bigger cells and lower S ratings mean less draw and longer life? Doesn't need to be punchy/zippy. Just consistent 🙂

  8. A few thing you don't get in the kit. Stew you should of mentioned this, very misleading. No HD cam that's extra, no 4" frame only the 3", no battery charger, only one canopy your color choice. Correct me if I'm wrong or if I missed anything. And no runcam, wtf

  9. Hey Stew! That's a really awesome quad. I lost all my quads and gear in the flood here in Houston,Texas this weekend from Hurricane Harvey. Thanks for all your videos and what you do. Keep Rockin!

  10. pls help! just finished my 1st build. thought i was ready for maiden, and when i armed it, it shot right into the sky landing in a tree. went back adjusted min throttle, armed it, same thing… any ideas? set the trim on throttle all the way down as well

  11. Wow – watch that HD/action cam shear the stack in half on the first decent crash – reeeaaallly needs some support at the front end to stop it twisting. Even a cable tie would help?

  12. 83 miles an hour. It's sad in some people think keeping under that 250 g is necessary. They might as well apply that to birds though they will have to extinguish quite a few species. I can understand restricting altitude and proximity to airports. I understand mass is a lot less relevant than velocity. I would prefer to be struck by a 10 pound bird moving at 5 miles an hour then a 5 pound bird moving at 10 miles an hour. I understand mass transfers to force but is irrelevant without velocity a.k.a. motion.

  13. That looks like a beast. What kind of micro do you fly when bad weather has you stuck inside. Hurricane harve has me with cabin fever. Than the lord for my 1010s. Dogs don't know what to do. Lol. Happy flying


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