FCPX KEYFRAMING Examples – Animated LETTERBOX, Ken Burns and MORE


FREE 26 Page Complete Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcut Guide – FCPX KEYFRAMING Examples – Animated LETTERBOX, Ken Burns …


  1. Hey mate. Thanks for your tutorials. I'm newbie in videoedition, and trying to make video stories in instagram like jessedriftwood. Your tutorials gave a lot usefull info. Thank you again.

  2. I am learning a lot from  your tutorials, this one is another great example. You asked for ideas for future tutorials, so here is a topic that mystifies me. If you have covered it before, could you point me in the right direction. OK…. so my situation is that I have a new fast external SSD that I am creating my new projects on, with original media NOT imported in to FCPX. Proxy and Optimized are on that drive, within the FCPX library. When I am done with a project and it is shared, I want to move the library to my bigger HHD, and I want to move the original files too, making more room on that SSD. I am not clear exactly how to do all this without loosing the linkages. And… can I move projects or only entire libraries? This topic also would include the broader discussion of optoins and strategies for importing, organizing and moving libraries and projects. Thanks for all  you do!

  3. Thanks a million been waiting ages for someone to show the way PM does his letterbox animation and you explained with such simplicity no wonder I'm glued to this channel. Thanks for kindly completing my request for the LB very much appreciated.


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